Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The real people's politician

I had an idea today. If lots of the politicians are puppets nowadays, they are puppets of companies, industries, political parties and such. What a politician should be a slave of?

A politician should be a slave of the people. People elect him, because they want him to serve them; to do their bidding. Now, we need a young, independent politician who takes this literally. More and more people are using the internet. A lot of them are not interested in politics. This young, YIP (just figured out a cool abbreviation too!) creates a web page, an on the page two sides. Public and members. Public is free for all, the normal self promotion, as usual. Of course what the idea is, is quite rebel-like so the YIP should be independent, so the pressure inside the party don't grow too high. (Besides, YP doesn't sound as groovy.)

But the member side. To be a member, you should have few options. This is still a thought I had today, so bare with me. One, definite option should be a member who's on his electioral district, enough age to vote and preferrably his supporter. You can sign up as a supporter, no problem. No check-up there, if not necessary. Who knows if it's going to be misused. But in any case, a possible vote should be given the membership if (s)he so requested.

Another should be a junior vote, with, obviously, less authority or voting possiblities. But still, their opinion should be at least noted, if not taken in account. Not yet old enough to vote, but still a possible candidate in few years.

Then perhaps also those who don't live in the same electoral district, but show their interest - and have possibility to move to the district and vote, even if they don't have plans to. With their ideas.

Create a forum where people can post their ideas, requests and concerns. Make polls. When there's a question on the forum. "Please ask about the problems in my neighbourhood, and how they are going to be solved." - You make a poll out of it. "Should I ask in the next meeting, when I'm having my stand at the podium, about this problem in this neighbourhood?" - And if there's enough votes, you ask that. If there's a lot of questions, and you think you can handle 5 questions in the next meeting, make a poll out of those ideas. "Which of these I should as about?" - And just pick the five that have the most votes.

Also, when there's voting in the Parliament, or where ever you are elected to, ask before on the pages. "There's this vote. What should I vote, A or B, Yes or No?" - Again, most votes win.

How to count the votes? I don't have experience of politics - not even a YIP, so I don't know which you should count to the voting with those who are possible votes for you: The underaged, but possible future candidates (there may be some legal issues here...) or the people who live outside of your electoral district. And how to count? And how much should their opinion weight? You decide.

This would get the young people to take interest in the politics. This would rise the overall interest in the politics. There would be publicity and media would be really interested in the YIP who first promises to do and then does exactly what the people want, while using a new medium to communicate with the people. This would also force the other politicians to ask their voters' opinions every now and then. As far as I know, no politician has ever done that.

If you like the idea, and you are a YIP or YIP-to-be, please contact me for open discussion about the idea. And should you use this idea, please, at least mention my site (on-line really soon) or this blog. I'm planning to go to space, and I want more people to come to my site (to-be) and this blog so they can make my dream come true. Here's the link to the Send Sami To Space -Project. Maybe even score a donation or two...

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