Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great Way To Finish My Employment

My second last day in this company. Off to newer and better opportunities. Starting in a new company on monday. (Could've kept a holiday, though...)

So now I need to clean my desk, move personal files away from computer, delete work-related... Can't be off, no matter what.

And yesterday evening got a friggin' fever. No voice coming out and head is like a huge cotton ball. It's nice that our "airco" is not really airco. It just rotates the air inside the company. There's been so many people sick in our company lately that I'm sure it's just some rotated bacteria or something. Nice.

It came in couple of hours. 8PM I was fine, 10PM I was in fever. Weird thing.

And my head is full of fluff.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sorry Sir, But You Are Too Smart To Be A Police Officer

While searching for something I came across with couple of news articles from late 90's. It seems that you cannot be a police officer in US if you are too smart.

Explains a lot.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Walkers Contain Trace Amounts Of Alcohol

Apparently some Muslims have criticised Walkers' crisps when they found out it may contain trace amounts of alcohol. Walkers use alcohol during the manufacturing process to extract some flavours. Crisps themselves most likely do not contain alcohol anymore, but in trace amounts.

They claim that even if it is trace amounts, it has to be printed on the package.

What kind of hypocricy is this?

If we count trace amounts, they themselves sell alcohol to muslims every day. Trace amounts, but I've seen it done.

They sell bread. How do you rise bread dough? Put some yeast in it. What does yeast do? Expands the dough. How? By fermenting sugars, producing carbon dioxide. And as a side product, also alcohol.

They sell cheese. And I've seen a muslim eat cheese! When cheese is aging, there's a trace amount of alcohol produced in the cheese.

They use vinegar in salads. Um... D'uh... Vinegar is produced from ... wine. And where do they get their vinegar from? Can you even have halal-vinegar?

Is eating ripe fruits also forbidden? Although it takes a long time for a fruit to ferment, even just ripe ones may contain trace amounts of alcohol.

I've seen muslims buying xylitol and sorbitol chewing gums. Which alcohol are we talking about? Ethanol? Sorbitol? Methanol? Xylitol? ...any alcohol with -ol? Or is it only ethanol which is bad? If so, why only that alcohol? Didn't their book only prohibit drunkenness, not alcohol itself?

Do they brush their teeth with western toothpaste? Have you looked at the ingredient list? How many -ol ending chemicals can you count? (Mouthwash and aftershave can be found alcohol-free. Difficult, especially mouthwash since they put sorbitol and/or xylitol to most of them.)

I haven't seen even one sign on halal-shops where they warn about bread! And it is clearly rised with yeast.

Friday, February 22, 2008


"If the EU works out a single position or if NATO steps beyond its mandate in Kosovo, these organizations will be in conflict with the U.N., and then I think we will also begin operating under the assumption that in order to be respected, one needs to use force." - Dmitry Rogozin, Moscow's ambassador to NATO


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Peasoup (Vegan, I guess.)

I made peasoup the other day. Accidentally it became vegan. Easy peasy. This is how:

About half a kilo of peas, peeled. (Not the individual peas, but as in, take the peas out of the shell.)
A huge biologically grown carrot. (Or 3 smaller ones. Or 6-7 thin small early carrots.)
About quarter kilo of lentils
0,5 large onion would go nicely if you have one (I didn't have)
White pepper
Freshly ground pepper mix
Bunch of parsley
A table spoon (and then some) of Mustard
Soy milk (just a splash)
Couple of Vegetable bullion cubes (I think they are vegan stuff?)

Blend the carrot, add peas but blend a bit less. (I like it chunky.) Put in pot. Add lentils, splash of soy milk, a cup or two of water, spice it up and boil until carrot is cooked. I made it quite thick. Add more water if you want it more soup-like.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Joe Lajoie

Yo whazzup!

I don't normally post links, but every now and then one must make an exception. This is such time.

I woz just chillin' wiv mah honkies, playin' gin, drinkin' juice. Me bro gave me a shout. I says "Yo, whazzup mah cracker?" - He says "Yo, you gotta check diz won out, b." The mofo sent me a link.

Y'all gots to check it out.

John Lajoie - Everyday Normal Guy


And just noticed. He has a scetch about the same thing I ranted about today.

Western Cencorship

(Continuing/summarizing an on-going rant from few Finnish forums... Those who are familiar with my rants about modern media, there's most likely nothing new for you here.)

In west we have tried several ways to cencor information. Total block has worked before, but in the age of satellite television, internet and the possibility to purchase newspapers from all over the world makes total block ineffective. Silent agreement between media works somewhat and blocks thought-triggering news in most parts.

The best solution, the new opiate for the masses, is the overload of information. I read today from Violent Acres about the problems of choosing what to do if you are given a choice-galore. Read her post, so I don't need to give so long introduction to the issue I'm about to address.

In a nutshell, making choices is difficult when you have an unlimited amout of them. Just choosing your breakfast or a drink in a bar seems to be the most difficult thing for some people. We haven't been coded to understand so many. In the course of our evolution, our brains have evolved too big, too quickly. We can't cope with them.

According to Desmond Morris hard-wirings in our brains are mainly evolved to ensure the survival of the species. (I will not go into a debate wether the meaning of life is the survival of the species or the gene. Read Richard Dawkins if the latter interests you.) We do not need to know wether we eat sweet & sour chicken cantonese style with fried rice, or salami pizza. We need the nutritiens. Our brains are not ment to deal with these kind of questions. Our brains are ment to determine wether something is edible, if the member of the opposite sex is a good mating partner, if the member of the same sex is a competitior and/or threath and wether other species pose a threath. All aiming for the survival.

Herd behaviour our species demonstrates makes the herd stronger. Like lions who hunt in packs to ensure there's zebra meat for the cubs. A group hunts more efficiently than a single hunter. And like the zebras who have the stripes - while they stand out against the brown background of savannah when they are alone, in a running group the stripes makes it difficult to see where one zebra ends and another one starts. Like them, we have small herds. You recognize your friends in a group photo quicker than you can determine that you don't know the person who is a stranger to you. Even in a city of millions you have your small "village". Your gym group, your friends, your colleagues... they form your "village" and you'll recognize those quicker in the mass. It is virtually impossible to teach your brain to recognize everyone in your city.

How does this relate to something I call "western cencorship"?

Like Violent Acres was saying, multitude of choices confuses us. Puts our brains to sleep. Workers do not take retirement plans from their companies when they have too many options. Cancer patients give up treatment because of the multitude of treatment plans. Brain can't cope with it.

Best place to hide things is right in front of your eyes. I do it deliberately in the art I make and in most of the texts I write. They are full of hidden references and usually the art I create tries to look normal at first glance, but there's something odd when you look closer.

If newspapers won't print something, people will find it out from somewhere else. It is much more efficient to post the information among a hundred non-consequential entertainment news. We are being emotionally dulled with the correct behaviour and way of speech and our senses and ability to make choices is impaired by the multitude of choices.

Due to the vast amount of lawsuits by idiots, companies have developed technical jargon to disclaim all responsibility from what is part of natural selection. You all know about the infamous hot-coffee-in-lap -lawsuit. Just read the EULA of the company-x desktop manager that is free and is included in the other download of the free software you are about to download. There's some weird stuff in some of those EULAs. If I invent something and file a patent for it, no, your company will not get the patent just because I did some background research with your company's search engine. Do you know what specific program I'm talking about? Didn't think so. Who reads EULAs anyways?

Same goes with media. You go to movies, see 25 minutes of commercials, 20 minutes of trailers, and the standard 90 minutes of Rambo IV with mindless violence. You go home, watch news with less violent images of war, hijacks, robbery and cruelty, again commercials. Buy this or your lawn will be grayer than your neighbour's. Then a sitcom about some random people living life where their biggest problem is which shoes to wear. Buy this product or your face/hair/nose/lips/whathaveyou is ugly and you won't get laid. Now it's time for some Reality-TV! Get this plan or your future life is in jeopardy. And now the latest news of your favourite pop-star! Ah... brain needs rest. Watching people live their lives in TV is easier than living your own.

Hiding the important news in between the commercial brakes, sitcoms and enterntainment news is very efficient way to cencor.

When you overload the brain with 8 types of breakfast müsli, 52 different ties to go with 12 different suits and figuring out which shoes to wear wears you out before you even leave the house. In city you cannot escape the bright ads, catchy commercials, out popping stands, colorful billboards and flashing displays.

You're exhausted before you are even at work. In corporate world you have to suppress all your emotions, be professional and talk this synthetic language so you won't offend anyone. You notice you start to listen to the individual words people are saying and how they say them instead of what they are saying. You have 8 memos waiting in your inbox when you arrive, you read 20 of them during the day and there's 6 left when you leave at the end of the day. One of them was important. Which one? Can't remember what any of them said.

In this kind of world it is very easy to get confused. Product you buy has not only instructions how to use the product, but also what you should not do with the product - accompanied with legal information in the language of law jargon. Even your microwave popcorn has several steps how to make the popcorn, illustrated - just in case if you don't know how to read.

All the instructions everywhere is confusing, and make brains obsolete. You don't even need to know how to use a lighter anymore. Not using your brains will dull them down and you are incapable of making your own thoughts. The little free time you have consists of useless information and it is difficult to find the usefull among them.

We are being dumbed down so we can process less and at the same time we get more and more information about everything. We cannot see what is important anymore. More importantly, we cannot sort the data anymore. This combined with the fact that we expect kids to behave as rationally as adults should behave is making this more effective. Just recently I ranted in my Finnish blog about schools. The behaviour of kids is scrutinized for anything abnormal. In United States it is concidered abnormal for kids of 6-years old to hug or to show any kind of affection.

In Finland there's a huge debate about bullying in school. All kinds of quarrels are concidered as bullying. Testing the limits and finding the hierarchy is part of growing up. It gives tools to handle bullies in corporate world. Kids in Finland are not getting this due to the fact that even the smallest school incidents are headline news after the 7/11 school shooting. Not that bullying should be tolerated. But instead of making a local, separate incident a nation-wide debate it should be dealt with within the school. Teachers cannot teach the kids how to handle bullies nor should they tolerate it. But over protecting is working against the kids. When the kids don't have tools to handle the "real world" it is more easy to control them and make them virtually slaves.

When these kids grow up they have no tools to handle negative sides of life and they are unable to show affection, but they've been forced to make multiple decisions affecting their lives even from ground-school, they are overwhelmed by the real world.

Not only it is easy to control people, they won't find the relevant information even if you put it plainly in front of their eyes.

Stalin would be amazed by the efficiency of our cencorship and method of control.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


It's 2AM and I'm half way in my work this shift...

Perhaps I'll finish before 5.

Be home before 7.

Then sleeeeeeep.

Update at 4:09. It looks like we're finished with our work before 5!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting Addicted To A Website

I mentioned recently I opened a Facebook account. Some of my friends spend way too much time in there. And they started nicely. They added an application, then another one. Then spending most of the time updating it.

Nope. I have no problem with that site. Never gonna add any applications. Checking if there's any news from friends every now and then. (Which reminds me, maybe I have to remember to check it before friday, if there would be a party or something.)

I also mentioned earlier I opened a Flickr account recently. That is getting out of hand. My beer intake is suffering, since the beer I opened yesterday is still almost untouched on my table. I need to cough more, since my lungs are healing as I don't smoke that many cigarettes when looking at the pics there. My legs are hurting because I'm walking a kilometre after a kilometre with my camera.

Damn you Flickr! I want my vices back!

Fear Of Fellow Men

I was having a walk around a lake yesterday. I saw two small islands, and decided to visit them. As a Finnish person I'm used to freedom, which is difficult to understand in modern western society. As many countries advertize themselves as "the land of the free" although they are anything but, we have to redefine freedom, or invent a new word that has the same meaning as the old word, "freedom".

Without giving it much thought, I started to walk straight forward to the shore and after few trees and bushes I bumped into a fence. With barbed-wire on top. Ok... I go around it. After 300 metres, there was a prison complex. They don't call it a prison complex, but a combined gym and swimming hall. People pay for someone to imprison themselves in a small room where they walk in this device without moving at the same time when I walk around the prison complex completely free, and can enjoy the little nature Amsterdam can offer. Same physical effect, but mental effect... that's different.

I went past the prison, following the barbed-wire fence. Saw a double-fenced area for children. The bastards should be locked in, I guess.

After a long walk I managed to get to the end of the fence. And saw a small plank, about 150 metres long, going to the nearest island. And the fence was going through the water to the island. From the prison complex's yard there was a bridge going to the island, I saw. Although it had a gate at both ends. Walking the plank wouldn't be smart either. Not only because I could fall into the water, but the fence also blocked the way.

I came to thinking. What are these people afraid of? That I break in to the gym from the back door and use their facilities for free? If I could walk the plank, swim around the fence, hike through the island, climb over the barbed-wire, swim to the shore and break in, would I really need the gym or the swimming hall?

Why was the water fenced? Do they think I'm gonna nick the water? And why the planks were placed that far away? So that I cannot take a boat, load in a propane tank, go next to the metal fence and cut through the steel pipes just to get to a gym?

Why all the security? Why the fences? These people are not going to use the acres and acres of land anyways. They prefer to imprison themselves into small rooms, instead of any resemblance of nature. The gym doesn't need all that space.

I'm sure these people feel safe only when they go from the gym to their anti-theft cars, drive home to their prison, close the steel vault-door behind them, go to their sleeping chamber, lock all the five locks and barricades the chamber door.

The lack of nature makes Dutch fear anything natural. Shallow country makes what kind of people?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Somebody Put This Guy To School!

I was having a walk yesterday evening with a friend of mine. I don't have a watch, and my mobile phone is configured that I have easy time to put my alarm and I still make it to work, but it's nowhere close to the correct time. He got a bit hungry, so I suggested these filled sandwitches. But the shop closes at 20:00. We were late. Of course. For couple of hours, in fact. In front of that kiosk was Ali and Silent-Ahmed leaning to the wall. (Names invented.)
Silent-Ahmed stayed leaning to the wall silently, but Ali jumped forward and started to push drugs. "Coke, coke... Good quality. Some coke?"

I said naw, me no use drugs. "You can test. Look, good quality." He started to push the bag with some white stuff inside into my face. No man, I don't do any chemicals. Get away. "You can test. Look look." He started to bite open the bag.

Damn. Somebody get this guy to school. He was a teenager. He shouldn't be pushing drugs on the streets in nights. And waving bags of drugs openly on the street is not smart anyways. I'm a total stranger. How did he know I wasn't an undercover cop?

Where are this guy's parents? Do they know what this guy does in the nights? Do they care? Why isn't he doing his homework?

...Ach... This morning they had the ticket inspectors at Metro and of course I had to search for my ticket and missed my metro because of that. Mass transit should be free anyways, and higher tax on people who own a car within city limits. And now my snuss is leaking.

At least I got couple of nice pics in the morning.

Monday, February 11, 2008

European 112 Day

Today is the European 112 day.

Be safe.

Visit European Emergency Number Association (EENA) for further information.

Also, it's 18th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prison.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Some Sort of Stroganoff

Some sort of Stroganoff. At least Russian influenced food.

Paprika powder
Freshly ground pepper
1 and a half onion
5-6 gloves of garlic
2 drops of After Death
3 huge beetroots (boil them, save the water)
Juice from beetroot (boiled down boiling water)
Splash of vinegar (gives the nice shine you see in the pic.)
A whole bunch of pickled cucumber
Butter (No, margarine is not going to work. Use butter and go jogging, you lazy couch-potato.)
Oil (Ok, I give you a small break here.)
Tomato pyre - I used one small can. Tomato is not the point, so you can leave this away, also.
1 table spoon of mustard

Put beetroot to boil immediately.
Steam some potatos when the sauce is half way ready - or later. Young enough so you don't need to peel them. (Peeling - bad, Vitamines - good.)

Take a pot or a jar or any container. Chop garlic, pickeled cucumbers and herbs, toss them in.
Fry the onion in plenty of butter in a large enough frying pan to make a sauce in, toss the onion in the container.
Cut the beef in small pieces. Fry in the same pan. (You can use oil now. But don't wash the pan. We want all the flavour.)
When that's done, add more butter and throw a fist full of flour in. Mix until it's brown. Add water and make the base of the sauce.
Throw the contents of the container in. Also the rest of the spices and the 2 drops of After Death, mustard and tomato pyre.
The beetroot juice should be thick enough to be thrown in. And a splash of vinegar. Now it starts to look like Stroganoff. Let it boil on slow fire.

Chop the beetroot and the ½ onion. Put some oil on a new pan, heat and toss them in. Add some freshly ground pepper.

When all is ready, serve with some smetana. And a shot of vodka before and after the food.

I didn't do it now, but a quick aperitif if you have guests and they are hungry:
Pickled cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise.
Some honey on top.
Chopped onion, raw, on top of the honey.
Ground some pepper on top, add salt if there's salt-addicts around.
Put some smetana on the side.
Done in 5 minutes and tastes great. Especially with a shot of vodka. (Which I didn't have either.)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lego In Amsterdam

I saw this loading zone being built for a month. When they finished it, they filled it with Lego bricks. I don't get it. They are not there for weight since they don't cover the whole are, but only to stop from entering the loading zone. Why is that? Perhaps they need to work on it some more? Weird.