Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's raining mice!

This morning when I was about to go to work, I stepped outside of my door and lit a cigarette. I heard a splash maybe a metre and a half away from me. As if a small apple would've fallen from relatively high. I looked around, but there was nothing. Except a tiny grey thing on the ground. I stepped forward and noticed it was a mouse.

It was laying on it's side and twitching. The hindlegs were twitching as if the mouse would have an epileptic seizure or something. From that I knew at least it's spine was fine. But where did it come from? There's only a building next to me. I assume it was either climbing the wall somehow and fell, or walking on the roof and slipped. I was thinking should I kill it and end it's misery or leave it there. I decided to wait a bit and see.

It stopped the twitching, but looked like it was still conscious. Moving a bit. It started to stretch itself, and eventually turned itself on it's belly. Then it just ran off. A bit slowly for a mouse, but nevertheless, it ran away. The only thing was the behind of the mouse was going a bit on the side and the hindlegs were quite wide. I guess it'll recover. Didn't seem to break even a bone.

I seriously didn't see that coming.

Stepping outside of your door and a mouse falls from the sky right next to you.

...Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam...

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Don KeyShot said...

Kamikaze mice...