Monday, June 18, 2007

Moonstation energy problem solved!

If there's going to be a permanent station on the moon, they need lots of energy and until now that has been an issue.

I got an idea. There's already a company called Magenn, who has this airballoon, that is high in the sky and generates electricity in higher altitudes than conventional wind turbines. There's also (Thanks to Kepler) a solar sail. What if we combine those?

On the poles of the moon we put high altitude solar sails, that don't sail to anywhere, but redesign them as solar windmills - like the Magenn thingie. Then put them high with tethers. And I assume the rotating model Magenn is producing don't pull the tether too hard, so even in large sizes and quantities of the High Altitude Rotating Solar Hijackers (HARSH) they still wouldn't be able to move the moon and cause all kinds of unwanted effects here on Earth.

Actually, we would need to put the solarwindfarm on the north pole, where there's virtually a peak of eternal sunshine. A point where the sun will always shine, except when there's lunar eclipse.

How about that? (Too bad I don't have enough money to patent this...)

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