Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Carambole, not only a fruit

I think I found my new hobby.

I like to play pool, just normal 8-ball or 9-ball usually. Whatever localized rules. But yesterday the place where I was going was closed. I ended up to a place just down the road. There was a pool table, but it looked quite weird. It didn't have any pockets!

Me and my friend were asking what's going on with the table and they told us it's a french pool -table. French pool is also called Carambole - like the fruit. Apparently you have 3 balls, white, yellow and red. The idea is to shoot the white one and to hit the other two balls with the white one.

Got stuck to that table for over 4 hours. The first half an hour was pathetic. You'd think that since I play pool, this should be easy enough. Only two balls to hit. No, way more difficult. You need to really think where the white is going.

Lucky me, the place is just around the corner where I live. So most likely easiest way to find me over the next couple of weeks is to find Carambole tables in Amsterdam. I'm sure after couple of months you'll learn precise accuracy and exact soft shots this way. Also, half of the shoots you seem to need curve on the ball, so it's good practise on my curves too!

I recommend to all who want to practice their curves and to count where the white will lay.

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