Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sami's Specially Sweet Sambal

I just made some nice sambal. Here's how:

20ish Red Pepper (I think it was Capsicum Frutescens - around 8-10cm long ones.)
10ish Yellow Peppers (Might've been Capsicum Chinese - Looks like Sweet Pepper/Paprika, but it's 4cm long.)
1/4 to 1/3 Mango
1/2 Banana
1tsp Honey
Pinch of Parsley
Black Pepper
5 gloves of Garlic
Juice from 2 Oranges
Twist of lemon

Take the seeds out from the peppers. (They are bitter, rather than hot... Although they are hot too.) Keep 2 gloves of garlic, 1 yellow pepper and 4ish red ones on the side. Blend the rest in to a smush. Boil the orange juice away, until it's sauce-like. Not too much, otherwise you kill the hotness. Blend and add the rest of the peppers and garlic at the end, don't boil more than a minute.

The idea is to bring the edge back when adding them at the end. Boiling chilli makes it milder.

One might want to put salt in it. I don't. Also red wine or red vinegar might go fine. Instead of vinegar I used just a bit of lemon.

It's very sweet, but with a nice afterkick.

Use with barbeque, might go nice with chicken, on bread, oriental food - well... anywhere.


aquelabruxa said...

jag ser att du kan skriva görar perfekt portuguese

Anonymous said...

Just tried it... excellent!

Don KeyShot said...

Had it for breakfast this morning.... delicious!