Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry's frog leaped out of the throat

CNN tells us Kerry apologizes the troops in Iraq for saying if students don't study proper, they might get stuck in Iraq.

Also BBC has an article about it.

It's all around the newspapers.

President Bush: Show us Kerry was wrong. Send all of the congressmen's children to Iraq and prove once and for all that it is not only the poor and low-educated that go to Iraq. You have no need to exploit nor debate the remark any longer, after you've done this. It's an easy win to Republicans if you do so.

I want to see an army recruiting van in front of Yale and Harward. Bush, just do that, and I'll believe everything you said about Kerry being wrong!


Don KeyShot said...

Apparently, there is soething in common between Bush, harvard and Iraq:

Also, I'd bet a lot of ex-Harvard and Yale students are now employed inone of the following companies:

PS: I read a funny from Balkenende today...
He was mentioning the possible need of a law to have children play more than they do nowadays - as a sarcastic remark to the studies that say children are not having the appropriate leisure time.

Anonymous said...

fat chance of that happening...