Sunday, November 26, 2006


Amsterdam is a really weird place. I was just coming home, it's now 20 past 1 in the night. I saw few CD's on a stand on the street. A record shop was open.

Found couple CD's I just couldn't leave there. Found Digweed's Los Angeles (GU019) and Marlene Dietrich's Her Greatest Hits. Funny thing about the shop is the owner was sitting inside, sipping red wine with his spanish friend. They have been open for more than 24-hours in a row already.

...only in Amsterdam...

Didn't have wine with me and didn't want to ask for a glass, but it seemed like a nice place. Could've just sat there chatting about blues and jazz with the guy. (Seemed to be quite blues and jazz oriented place, although there was also like all Led Zeppelin's albums, lots of AC/DC, Rainbow and such.) Maybe some other night I'll bring a bottle of red and sit there for a while.


Rosaria - BIM Adobe said...

Hi Sami,
what's the name of the shop and where is it exactly?



Sami Rautiainen said...

I can't remember the name, but it's opposite of At The Movies. The oldie movie theatre.