Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hat Protocol While Eating

Couple of friends of mine and me were sitting outside a bar and I ordered something to eat. While I was eating, my friend found it amusing that I took my hat off.

I thought it was common sense you take your hat off and keep your elbows off the table while you eat. But I started thinking. If it is gentleman-like to take your hat off when you eat, but it's ok to wear it if you are eating something like candy, where does the line go?

If I eat a steak - hat off.
Candy - hat on.
Sandwitch - hat off.
Crisps - hat on.
A doughnut?

Does that fall into the food category, or is it a sweetie, like a cookie or candy? I guess that you can have your hat on with a doughnut, since it goes with coffee and you definetly can drink coffee and maybe have a small little sweet thing with it while wearing a hat. But what about muffins? I think doughnut category - same criterias.

Cake is more like a part of a meal, so hat stays off. Besides you eat it with a spoon anyways. Wait a second, can this be a rule of thumb? If you need utensils, hat stays off? No, can't be. I could eat a banana and keep a hat on, so fruits are ok. So an avocado, a greipfruit and a kiwi should be ok too - even if you eat them with a spoon. Or is it?

I haven't thought about this, since I always go by my guts, and never think about the hat. It's a reflex. I take it off automatically when I'm eating.

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Panhandle Poet said...

I live in a part of Texas, USA, where many still practice "old fashioned" ettiquette. If you sit for a meal inside a building, it is appropriate to remove your hat. If you eat outdoors you leave your hat on. Very few men practice this in restaurants anymore. My mother taught me that it's the polite thing to do.