Monday, April 23, 2007

Yarr! Me new parrot!

This little fella was outside our apartment, yelling. We checked what is making that noise, and this creature decided to pay us a visit. It likes to sit on heads and shoulders.

It's not good weather for this kind of bird to be outside, but we have no place for this either. Nights are still too cold for a parrot. Although there's these green parrots that do live in Amsterdam. But this is not the same type. And I don't know how well it has been trained. My housemate is just going to closeby shop to leave a note that we found this parrot. Or should I say the parrot found us.

What do they eat anyways? We have no seed to give, so we gave some lentils, müsli and orange. I guess the parrot knows what it can eat and what not to eat.

I hope we find the owner quickly. I have no idea how to take care of birds.

And yeah, I checked: It's not coughing.

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