Monday, December 03, 2007

We'll Meet Again

I made a Dr. Strangelove poster for myself. I've had this same explosion as a poster on/off on my wall for like 10 years, the size and the location of this text have been varying. I wanted to get this on top of my bed on the wall again. The size is Oversized A1 on photopaper. Here is the same poster, as JPG though. (Click to enlarge.) JPG is 72dpi, so if you want it as 300dpi PDF for example, let me know. The main difference is the sharpness of the noise I added... (8% monochromatic uniform noise.) The JPG artifacts removal results and all that is not any better in any bigger dpi value.
This is 21 kiloton underwater explosion of 'Baker' at Bikini Atoll 25th of July 1946 at Operation Crossroads.

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