Friday, May 04, 2007


As it is possible for someone to sell moon estate, I hereby claim a portion of Antarctica as my own land and name it "Samistan". You are all welcome there, no passport checks, easy to get in.

The portion is shown here:

So you can now call me Dude Sami I of Samistan, or His Dudeness, if you will.

Some facts: The Samistan is an area of Antarctica claimed by the ruler, Dude Sami the First.
It is defined by a sector originating at the South Pole, passing along longitudes 90° west to 150° west, and terminating at latitude 70° south at the South Pacific Ocean.

Tourist attractions:
Bentley Subglacial Trench. It is the lowest point in Antarctica, at 2540 metres below sea level.
The South Pole, at 2800 metres.

Capital: None.
Government: Federal unconstitutional totalitarian monarchy
King: Dude Sami the First
Independence: Self proclaimed independence on 4th of May, 2007. No countries have recognized this.
Currency: Seashells, shiny pebbles and painted rocks. 1 painted rock = 10 Seashells. 1 Seashell is 10 shiny pebbles.
Area: Around 1,200,000 km²
Population: 0
Time zone: UTC-9/DST-8
Language: Gibberish
The flag represents freedom and peace, of which majestic justice lies beneath, divided by the joy and loyalty in universal love.

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