Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tax-Office Laboratories

I saw this sign at The Netherlands' Tax-Office in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam. I think it was some sort of main office or something.

Where does a tax-office need laboratories for?

Better pay my taxes, they may have more ways to make people pay than previously believed. I wonder how is it when big tax-office officials have a meeting. I wonder if there's a professor called Klaus working in the laboratories trying to find interesting ways for collecting taxes and presents the new inventions in the board meeting.

"Yes, bring in the Doc. - Doc, what have you developed for us to make people pay their taxes?"
"Ach, mein herr. Wee have developed a small, easy to deploy, solution. We zimply inject the patient... uhm, ze tax-evator with a small dose of plague and wee tell ze schweinhu... ahm, ze tax-dodger to pay und wee give ze man ze antidote."

Or maybe it's kind of behaviour-based research? Doctors in white coats are testing with laboratory mice how much stress they can withstand. Make the mice run on a wheel and give them cheese as pay. But they show the cheese, and cut off a piece of it - for taxes. And they test how much they can take from it before the mouse snaps.

Then they go ahead with the human testing. They put people behind one way mirrors, each subject in their own room. The subjects think they are there to talk about their taxes. Some maybe thinking that they are testing a new tax-form or something. They test the subjects thurally.

"Nurse, bring this man the news that he's going to get a tax deduction. ... Good ... Good ... Now let's test what happens when we take the tax deduction away and double his taxes."

Then the white coated doctor takes his notepad and marks his findings on it.

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