Thursday, May 17, 2007

Strange dream

I saw the strangest dream last night.

You know those dreams where you run away from something, and you run and you run, but can't get away?

...This dream wasn't like that.

I was walking along in savanna(?) and minding my own business. All of a sudden I saw a cheetah running towards me and I knew it was gonna attack. I took a branch in my hand and waited that it was closer and it jumped. I kneeled down and hit it on the side, knocking the air out of it. I ran immediately to the cheetah before it can gather it's strength and air again, and strangled it. After strangling it I stood up and shouted to the dead animal: "Opposing thumbs, bitch!"

That was very weird.

But I seriously never ever thought I'd see a dream about strangling a cheetah. Nor that I would be even thinking about it. It's just not the first thing you think when you see such an animal...

I know cheetahs are more fragile felines than most other predator felines, so knocking the air out shouldn't be too hard, but a cheetah wouldn't attack man running full speed. There's just no need. It would more likely stalk on you and then it's too late. Those claws are probably not dull. Oh well, it was only a dream. Good thing too, I wouldn't like to kill an animal I'm not gonna eat anyways. But in this dream my survival depended upon it.

Shrinks, analyze this!


Sami Rautiainen said...

Heh, found a similar news article: Man Clad in Underwear Pins Leopard

Uku said...

Well dude, that was NOT a dream... sometimes you see something you don't want to see and especially when you want to see something.

Fragile, eh?