Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Moonbase Issues Solved!

There's few issues with the moon and a permanent base there. At the moment moon is moving away from the Earth, until tides and the moon have no or very little effect on each other. Then it will stabilize.

Also, if we would use terraforming factories to create greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, the moon's gravity might not be enough to hold the atmosphere and it would escape to space. Due to the size of the planet, it would also heat up and especially cool down more easily.

I have found a solution!

A microscopic black hole!

Apparently it is theorized that the Large Hadron Collider could be able to produce a microscopic black hole. If we build up one single-serving super collider on the moon, run it once to create a black hole small enough that it would stabilize the moon, preventing it from escaping the Earth - it would also give more mass to the moon so the atmosphere might not escape and also it would warm up the moon from inside for couple of decrees.

This kind of microscopic black hole could explain the unusual temperature of Saturn and Jupiter, which would not be this hot only from the sun's rays.

And if we would be able to create black hole generator (I like that word) or this kind of super collider (if you prefer that term), we would only need to use it once, if we calculate the size of the required black hole - when it is created it will pass through the collider, the floor, the whole moon like air and stay in the core. And possibly, just in case run the collider on the dark side of the moon and slightly diagonally to prevent the black hole to go into the core of our Earth.

Solving the issue with moon escaping and possible problem with the windfarms contributing to the moon drifting away issue, also the temperature problem and gravity issues with atmosphere issues! This would solve many many issues, if it just would work!

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