Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Narcissism Quote

"The relationship with the Narcissist was too good to be true. They want something from you. When you finally wake up and confront them on their bad behaviour, it's something you do, for yourself. You get it off your chest. When the Narcissist asks how you are doing, they are taking your emotional temperature to see if you are reacting, because they are looking for that reaction from you. When you finally give them a piece of your mind, they're not even listening. It goes in one ear and out the other. They sit, rather impassively, appearing like they are taking it in, but if you do a test, you find that they were not listening at all, because they can not quote back to you, anything you said. So consider that action as an exercise for yourselves. Nothing you will ever say to that person will make a difference."


"Narcissists sniff other people's emotions the way hound dogs sniff blood."

I see this so much. Sometimes in me, too.

More narcissism quotes in Narcissism Book of Quotes by Sam Vaknin.

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