Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Is It So Difficult To Puke Where It Won't Bother Other People?

We moved in to a new house couple of weeks ago. This Saturday morning someone puked in our lift. We were out with friends this Friday and were home around 5AM, and the lift was clean. So it was someone who came after us Saturday morning, since Saturday day it was there - right there - on the floor of the lift. Small, non-ventilated space. Why this happens?

Now, you can be a prick and say "you shouldn't drink too much" but this won't solve anything. Accidents happen, people don't know how to handle alcohol. Adults, who have been drinking for years still sometimes have a little bit too much. It's how we handle the overindulgence. I couldn't care less if an adult drinks so much that he/she gets an alcohol poisoning and dies in a pool of vomit. It's your choice, and if you want to kill yourself with alcohol - go for it. It's the common areas I care about.

People who drink too much and feel sick try to keep it all in. This is wrong. If you feel sick because of too much alcohol, your body is saying something to you. It's not healthy to have that alcohol in your stomach. Get rid of it before it's too late. Go to a bush, go to a gutter, go to toilet in the bar, but for the love of Pete, do not puke on the street, floor, bar, driveway, my shoes or the floor in the lift. "But it's not appropriate for a lady to puke in public." Yeah, right. And it's completely appropriate for a "lady" to drink herself so stupid she actually needs to puke? If you drink too much, just go to someplace more quiet where your puke won't bother other people and let it all out. Help with your fingers if nothing else. If you try to keep it all inside until you're safe in your home, these things will happen.

If you overdo it, just empty your stomach. That's exactly what they do to you in the hospital if you pass out and they have to call the ambulance. It is not shameful to puke when you drink too much. It's already shameful enough that you drank too much. Puking is peanuts compared to the 5 promille drunkenness you are experiencing.

Besides, if you drink yourself completely stupid, have to leave the town to go home, and you feel sick. Now, instead of going to the toilet in the bar or outside behind some bushes and puke, this person actually left the bar feeling sick, took a tram or a taxi and felt sick the entire way home. Then walked from the tram a fair bit of a walk home or less from a taxi, and felt sick the entire way. Found his/her keys while feeling sick, got in to the lift feeling sick and then it was too much. Puked right on the floor. This is quite a long time to feel sick. If that person would've just gone to the toilet or behind a bush and puked his/her guts out, he/she could've just gone back inside the bar and drank little bit of ice water and felt much better. The whole way home would've been way more enjoyable. And my Saturday and Sunday would've been less smelly.

And if you do puke on the floor of the lift, have the decency to clean up after yourself the next morning.

Do whatever you want with your body, but try not to annoy other people.


Anonymous said...

You can also puke live in TV, ;-)


Markus "Uku" Laitinen said...

I agree totally with you. It sucks when people puke all over the places. And it sucks too that people have to drink so much they need to puke. And it sucks too that people drink so much they're drunk and acting stupid, saying stupid things. Who was the fuckin' idiot who said "drinking is for relaxing"? Yeah right. Maybe couple of beers ok for relaxing but drinking to be drunk, wasted? Ah, just fuckin' stupid.

People, drink if you want to but don't get drunk and act like a fuckin' idiot. And drunken people act like a bunch of fuckin' idiots.

ebenezer said...

F*ck. I'm the guilty one...
I did it, I confess; I DID IT!!!

But I promise, I'm not the same man now as I was then. I have changed. I dont do those kind of stuff anymore.

// Erik a.k.a. "Da puke"