Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Holiday Pictures For Me Mum And Dad

I was recently in Germany for a week visiting an old friend. Used to share a house in another country with him.

German forests are beautiful, but one very interesting this is the witch-circles. Mushrooms that grow in circles.

A strong stream.

We found a psychedelic looking treestump.

...had to take a posing picture too. What a loser!

We were actually looking for Steinpilz (Herkkutatti, Porcini, Boletus edulis) mushrooms. And found them!

All images are his copyright, but he wishes to stay anonymous.


Markus "Uku" Laitinen said...

Hmmmm, someone ain't sober, must say. :)

Nice pics though. Nature rules. Ok, when I was a teenager we used to got our heads fucked-up, but nowadays... well, that kind of mushroom-shit just seem to be so boring and kind of teenagy. Kids want to get high but come on. :)

Sami Rautiainen said...

Yep, not sober. On my holiday I tried to taste as many different German beer brands as possible. There's just so many different brands. And all delicious.

Herkkutatti/kivitatti (porcini) is never boring! You can dry them and use in so many different foods. Soups, sauces, salads, what have you. Of course it might seem boring if you were a teenager, hunted for boletus edulis and tried to get high on it. It's a food mushroom...