Thursday, October 11, 2007

A T-Shirt Idea

A T-Shirt idea. Just need to find a print shop and print it for meself.

(Hope you get it.)

More info, added 12th of October:

Close up of the image to see the colors:

(Click on the image for larger view.)

Some small clipart of couple dancing tango (livetraced).
Some small clipart of a palm tree (livetraced).
The font is a free Partridge with a bit of extra italics.

Objects done in Illustrator and brought to Photoshop for composition. Objects are Smart Objects, so they will retain their vector properties for scaling. At the moment the orig. image is A4 landscape size with 300dpi, but can be scaled to any size. (Ah, the beauty of vectors.) I know I could've done it solely in Illustrator - but I like Photoshop.

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Don KeyShot said...

Go to - maybe they can sort you out. They have their own designs, but I am sure they'd be interested in your ideas...