Saturday, January 12, 2008


I like Legos. Haven't played with them for ... I don't know, 20 years?

A friend of mine had a houseparty. I went there right after work. I start my work usually a bit earlier than others, so I finish an hour before the rest of the city finishes. I went directly to my friend's place. No-one else was there yet.

But there was Legos.

A lot of Legos.

I made a castle. Had to. If you have almost unlimited amount of Legos and they have been sorted that gray and blue blocks are in one box, misc in one, space Legos in one and so on.

It was cool. When the other guests arrived, they had funny faces. A guy, almost 30, is playing with Legos on a small children's chair.

I didn't care.

I like Legos.

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Markus "Uku" Laitinen said...

Yeah, Legos are just great!