Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting Addicted To A Website

I mentioned recently I opened a Facebook account. Some of my friends spend way too much time in there. And they started nicely. They added an application, then another one. Then spending most of the time updating it.

Nope. I have no problem with that site. Never gonna add any applications. Checking if there's any news from friends every now and then. (Which reminds me, maybe I have to remember to check it before friday, if there would be a party or something.)

I also mentioned earlier I opened a Flickr account recently. That is getting out of hand. My beer intake is suffering, since the beer I opened yesterday is still almost untouched on my table. I need to cough more, since my lungs are healing as I don't smoke that many cigarettes when looking at the pics there. My legs are hurting because I'm walking a kilometre after a kilometre with my camera.

Damn you Flickr! I want my vices back!

1 comment:

Kinna said...

sounds that it is a healthy site for u. =)