Thursday, February 21, 2008

Peasoup (Vegan, I guess.)

I made peasoup the other day. Accidentally it became vegan. Easy peasy. This is how:

About half a kilo of peas, peeled. (Not the individual peas, but as in, take the peas out of the shell.)
A huge biologically grown carrot. (Or 3 smaller ones. Or 6-7 thin small early carrots.)
About quarter kilo of lentils
0,5 large onion would go nicely if you have one (I didn't have)
White pepper
Freshly ground pepper mix
Bunch of parsley
A table spoon (and then some) of Mustard
Soy milk (just a splash)
Couple of Vegetable bullion cubes (I think they are vegan stuff?)

Blend the carrot, add peas but blend a bit less. (I like it chunky.) Put in pot. Add lentils, splash of soy milk, a cup or two of water, spice it up and boil until carrot is cooked. I made it quite thick. Add more water if you want it more soup-like.


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xen said...

This looks really nice. And yes, vegetable stock cubes are and should always be vegan, but it's always best to check the ingredients. Some companies put the strangest things in food.