Monday, February 04, 2008

Some Sort of Stroganoff

Some sort of Stroganoff. At least Russian influenced food.

Paprika powder
Freshly ground pepper
1 and a half onion
5-6 gloves of garlic
2 drops of After Death
3 huge beetroots (boil them, save the water)
Juice from beetroot (boiled down boiling water)
Splash of vinegar (gives the nice shine you see in the pic.)
A whole bunch of pickled cucumber
Butter (No, margarine is not going to work. Use butter and go jogging, you lazy couch-potato.)
Oil (Ok, I give you a small break here.)
Tomato pyre - I used one small can. Tomato is not the point, so you can leave this away, also.
1 table spoon of mustard

Put beetroot to boil immediately.
Steam some potatos when the sauce is half way ready - or later. Young enough so you don't need to peel them. (Peeling - bad, Vitamines - good.)

Take a pot or a jar or any container. Chop garlic, pickeled cucumbers and herbs, toss them in.
Fry the onion in plenty of butter in a large enough frying pan to make a sauce in, toss the onion in the container.
Cut the beef in small pieces. Fry in the same pan. (You can use oil now. But don't wash the pan. We want all the flavour.)
When that's done, add more butter and throw a fist full of flour in. Mix until it's brown. Add water and make the base of the sauce.
Throw the contents of the container in. Also the rest of the spices and the 2 drops of After Death, mustard and tomato pyre.
The beetroot juice should be thick enough to be thrown in. And a splash of vinegar. Now it starts to look like Stroganoff. Let it boil on slow fire.

Chop the beetroot and the ½ onion. Put some oil on a new pan, heat and toss them in. Add some freshly ground pepper.

When all is ready, serve with some smetana. And a shot of vodka before and after the food.

I didn't do it now, but a quick aperitif if you have guests and they are hungry:
Pickled cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise.
Some honey on top.
Chopped onion, raw, on top of the honey.
Ground some pepper on top, add salt if there's salt-addicts around.
Put some smetana on the side.
Done in 5 minutes and tastes great. Especially with a shot of vodka. (Which I didn't have either.)

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Emma said...

I think you should come over here to live with me and make me dinner every day =)