Monday, November 19, 2007

No Hope For Mankind

I got a new lighter. Didn't even look at it. Was having a ciggie, and noticed that this one has some sort of "child resistant" mark on it. And - get this - instructions how to use the lighter!

Child resistant mark, and a little holder on top of the scrolling bit to "protect" something. No it doesn't. You just have to apply like 0,5 Newtons more pressure when using the lighter. I think even a 3-year old child can apply that much pressure. Kids get picture-books before they learn to read. It's counter-productive to put instructions how to by-pass the child protection in images.

Besides, if an adult is too dumb to use a lighter, do we really want to give him fire?

This whole idea of child protection in a lighter is a dumb idea. It changes the responsibility of protecting the child away from parents to the cigarette lighter manufacturer. A parent who is too dumb to learn how to use a lighter on their own, and who has a 4-year old child should not have lighters in the house and especially should not have a child.

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