Wednesday, August 15, 2007

10 Sure Ways To Gain Love [PICS]

Fooled ya, didn't I? No, no 10 sure ways to gain love, no 11 best ways to improve your bed-performance, no 10 absolute ways to make you rich here. Not even any funny pictures to visualize it.

Instead, a rant from a guy who is wondering: What's wrong with a little bit of honesty? (How do you spell hypocric... hypocraz... hipocrys...)

I was reading Violent Acres, one of my favourite blogs in the net. Although it has been quite dull lately, it has its moments. She was writing about 7 Surefire ways to gain the interest of any woman. While this is sarcastically written, it still made me think: This kind of "education" is so common nowadays. 10 best ways to balance your checkbook. 10 sure ways to advance in career. 10 ways to improve your self-esteem...

As if 10 short sentences will somehow magically change your life.

No own initiative required.

Here is my very unpopular opinion about "The best ways to gain interest of a woman".

1. Be honest.
2. Be yourself.

That's it. I hate players and I hate the fact some people have these "don't call the one you like for couple of days after the first date" bs.

And don't call me player-hater either. Just don't talk about me in the same sentence as those people who have developed an art form of "playing".

If I see an interesting looking person I might complement the person for that. Not to gain access to panties. What I don't like is people who use hours in front of a mirror to twist every and each hair separately to create a "look". F that. That's not you. I don't like people who use make-up. That's not you either. If you have a beautiful face, why hide it behind a mask? If you don't have a beautiful face (in your opinion) then by using make-up you create false advertisement. In this case, do not expect honesty from anyone else either. For me a model can be ugly and a person someone else might find not-so-attractive can be beautiful. It's how you wear yourself. If you like yourself, you are beautiful. It shows.

Perfumes... Yuch... While they were commonly used in the middle ages to hide the smell when people didn't have as good cleaning facilities we have now, I think we have advanced beyond that. Instead of Chanel #5, take a shower.

Needless to say, I am single at the moment. And most likely will remain that way. In this advertisement ridden world it's difficult to find a natural, self-confident people. People are scared to consume more and more things they don't need by creating a threat they are not going to be liked unless they use this product to color their whathaveyou and to hide this and that and to push this thing up. Buy this cream, or your face looks ugly and no-one loves you. I do not wish to date a product. I want to meet a person.

If I say I like your hair, it's because I like your hair. If I do not like your [insert anything here] I most likely won't say that unless I know you. (I still keep some of my mother's teachings, like "if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all.") If I know you, and you look like sh*te some morning, either stay away from me or prepare to hear a comment about it. I try to give an honest opinion if and when it is applicable. If something insignificant is wrong, like your precious hair happens to have one curl that's not fitting in, I do not care. But if you have bags under your eyes that look like they can hold a litre of water, I will most likely mention that and ask what happened to you yesterday.

The reason why I can walk to anyone I like and talk and compliment and maybe even ask out for a date straight on upon the first time I see you it's because I don't want to play any games. And I do not worry if I get rejected. The biggest tip I can give to anyone is: You are not unique. You are not a snowflake. Don't believe anyone else would be either.

The "dream girl" who rejects you when you are just being you doesn't deserve you. If the "dream girl" who dates you when you play those games you can find on n+1 magazines and internet pages, then you don't deserve her.

Actually there's not that many girls that are "out of my league". Those girls are most often out of my reality. You stay in your plastic world where you can make believe that "pink makes boys wink". But please, do not come to talk to me with those unrealistically painted lips.

Most importantly, show a persona. I don't care if you agree with me, as a matter of fact most of my best friends do not share my view of life. We have many arguments over politics, ethics and such. If I want someone to like whatever I like and agree with everything I say, I'll get a dog. If you disagree with me, say it. And say it loud. I won't bite. And if I talk to you and I disagree with you, prepare for a debate. If this scares you, bummer.

Unfortunately my interests won't include the fashion color of this season, so I can't disagree with that one, but instead we may drift towards a discussion about fashion itself. And lemming-syndrome... For me fashion=uniform. Uniform=no individuality. No individuality=Soul bypass.


Enough ranting.


xen ix said...

So true. Be yourself. If someone has a problem with it, it's their problem and their loss. Great read.

Sami Rautiainen said...

Ach... Xen, found a link from your site to one of those exact lists I meat in that rant...

divine caroline - Lists like Five Ways to Keep Him Interested...