Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Proper Pet Peeves Morning

Normally I don't have pet peeves. Normally I have major malfunctions. Normally I have so many twists in me knickers, if I'd attach a propeller to 'em and let go, I'd fly away. So small things don't bother me. But this morning I had just so many small things annoying me.

This morning was different and I blame my new cell phone. My phone broke down. The green button, up arrow, and numbers 4, 5 and 6 didn't work. Most of the letters were under those buttons so can't even type SMSes. I bought a new phone yesterday, which was difficult enough. I don't want a camera in my phone. I don't want R Kelly singing as my ringtone. I want a phone that is small, can make a call, can receive a call, can receive a text message, can send a message and has an alarm clock. That's it. So I got this new fancy gizmo thingie and set up my alarm.

This morning I woke up when overly cheerful British woman was chirping "It's time to wake up. It's 7 o'clock." I jumped out of my bed. WTF?! Who's in my room? ...oh, my new alarm clock. I don't want to hear any human voices in the morning before I have my coffee. Especially too cheerful.

I had some friends over from Finland, which meant I had to be in a pub yesterday. (They left this morning.) I got just in case 2 litres of juice for me. One to be drank during the night (when waking up in cold sweat) to make the hang over easier in the morning and one litre so I can drink a bit in the morning when I wake up completely. I drank the other juice during the night as planned. In the morning I went downstairs to the kitchen and noticed the other litre was gone. I guess my housemate had it in his room. We share our food so it's normal one juice can be somewhere else, if there's more. He just didn't know I had planned my juice drinking this time.

So I planned to drink tap water instead. The glass that I have next to the sink I normally use to drink had a butter knife in it. And no clean glasses. (I know, should wash the dishes more often.)

I went to the shower and noticed my towel was still wet. And it took ages to get warm water.

Then to the toilet. Of course the toilet seat was wet. (Could've been water from the shower, since they are in the same bathroom/toilet room.) But it annoyed anyways.

I put some clothes on and went outside. Had time to go to the corner store to buy a Red Bull since I didn't have my juice. In the store I noticed I had no money with me and they only accept cash...

Since it's been slightly chillier than last week, I put a long-sleeve t-shirt on me. It was little bit chilly earlier for a t-shirt, but too hot for a hoodie. Today, of course, it was too chilly to have only long-sleeve on. I would've needed the hoodie too. Of course.

Couple days ago I didn't have a lighter on me, so I stopped to the closest tobacconist to buy one. I took a lighter from the counter and gave the guy €2 coin. I was waiting for my change and the clerk only asked if I needed something else. I said I need my change. He said the lighter was 2 euro. For one lighter. You get 5 lighters for that. He had already punched it in so I didn't feel like the hustle of asking the money back and I did need a lighter. So I just took it. Anyways, I was lighting my morning ciggy, and guess what. Yep. The lighter was finished. I bought an almost empty lighter for €2! Luckily I found another lighter from my pocket. The one I thought I didn't have when I bought the expensive lighter. Figures.

I listened to music and of course my iPod ran out of batteries.

My shoes have rope-soles, so they suck a lot of moisture when the ground is wet. After dodging all the dogshite on the way to work I managed to get in and into the elevator and *splat* - step on some spilled coffee.

Finally, I got to work and, well, then all the trouble really started...

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