Sunday, August 05, 2007

An Advertisement Idea

I was watching Dispatches: What Makes Britain Rich, and I had an idea for advertisement. This ad could work in the Netherlands, at least. In the part where they were talking about football I saw a sports brand logo on the chairs. There were blue chairs and some white in between and those white chairs spelled out the name of the brand. There's a double trance party in Amsterdam, one party is white and the other is black. Dress codes for those parties are white and black, respectively.

When the football stadium is full and the cameras are on, the paid logo cannot be seen on the stadium chairs. What if parts of the seats would have a dress code too? If the colors of the home team would be red and white, they could have red and white dress codes and arrange the seats for those colors. The advertisements would be from those companies that use those colors anyways. The ticket you buy would have the dress code printed on it and the stadium could advertise through paying customers.

Just an idea, maybe it's never going to be tested, but if it is I can always turn back and say "I told you so".

1 comment:

Uku said...

I think you should patent that shit. Sounds like a selling idea.

In some versions that's done already like you said too but maybe that idea falls down when it's time to buy tickets. How in hell team B's fans would a buy a ticket to team A's sponsors?

Or maybe I just didn't get it.