Monday, November 12, 2007

Health-Care Collapsing In Finland

The Finnish salaries in health-care are a joke. For years our nurses have moved to Sweden or Norway, even to United Kingdom, after graduating, since the salaries in health-care are so ridiculously low it's better to move away from Finland.

3rd of June Bilderberg-meeting finished, which also our Minister of Finance, Jyrki Katainen attended. Prior to that meeting Katainen had been quite silent in the media. First thing he started to advocate after the meeting was to ease the heritage taxes for huge heritages. The second thing he started to push through was when 31st of July he announced that health-care won't be getting the salary increase he promised them during his campaign before the elections. He is the chairman of the Finnish National Coalition Party. (Conservative middle-right-wing party.)

The health-care professionals were promised a salary increase prior to the elections, which they were denied after the elections. (Big surprise there.) The negotiations went so sour they are threatening with a strike and mass-resignations. In spite of all of this, they still performed better than expected in the Jokela School Massacre or 7/11 Shootings. Within one hour from the info there's been shooting in the school the local hospitals had 18 operation rooms ready and dozens of ambulances there. They performed without a glitch.

They still won't be getting any salary increases. I really would like to know how Jyrki Katainen is feeling right now. What went through his mind when all went bad in Jokela, and still the underpaid, demotivated health-care specialists performed class-A treatment.

Government is planning a force-law to prevent nurses leaving the hospitals. Nurses are planning that if the law is passed, they leave health-care and won't be coming back. Nice going.

Tell me, Jyrki, what went through your mind when you saw from the news an ambulance, after an ambulance arriving to the school and altruistically helping the shocked children? How are you feeling today? Are you planning to give credit to our heroic health-care personnel?

Words are not enough at this point. I want to see some action.

And fast. They started to close down hospitals already!

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Markus "Uku" Laitinen said...

Excellent post, Sami! Way to go! I also support healt-care personnels and I think Katainen is a total wanker in some of his opinions and promises for example in this healt-care matter. Well, it's easy to lie to win the elections like he did. Dooshbag.

Nice job, Sami!