Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pizza Opera Special

My housemates are gone for the rest of the evening. One working, other one to a birthday party. I've been left home alone. (Yeah, museum night tonight, but it's more of a bar night, than museum anything... I'll pass.)

Tomorrow, when everyone's here I'll be doing pork-medallions, green paprika - white wine - cream sauce, steamed vegetables with spices & herbs and potato-apple-rösti. Sorry, can't write the recipe yet, since I haven't done that yet so not sure of how to make it at this moment.

But for tonight's food.

What you need:
4 garlic cloves (minimum)
Black olives
Black pepper (preferably freshly ground)
Olive oil
Paprika salami
Pinch of sugar
Tomato sauce
Tuna fish

About ½kg flour and ½dl olive oil in a bowl. A thumb-size lump of yeast in a glass, a t-spoon of sugar and hand-warm water. Mix. Add the yeast-water to the bowl and mix with a hand. Add sum herbs if you like and crush couple of garlic cloves in the mix. Add flour and/or water to make it tight dough. Use a bottle or something to make it flat. Slightly bigger than the oven-tray. Oven to 50°C and the tray in.

Tomato sauce, a lot of garlic, spices of your choice, black pepper - cut garlic in small pieces, mix all together. Take the oven-tray out the oven and pour the tomato sauce-mix on top. Spread with a spoon. Cheese on top, a thick layer. Slice the salami on top. Add a lot of tuna, shrimps and black olives. Cover with a thin layer of cheese.

Oven, about 200°C for ... until the pizza looks ready. The amount of toppings... you decide. Your pizza.

Wait a second?! I forgot chili! Argh! And the pizza in already in the oven! Noooooooo!

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