Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Nightmare On Elm Street

Today is the 44th anniversary of The Nightmare On Elm Street, where the 35th U.S. President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald. I feel for Jacqueline, but I have a personal demand, too. I believe the official story is the correct one. Lee Harvey did it alone, no doubt about it.

What I would like to know is when do we get enchantments? The "magic bullet" that killed Kennedy and seriously wounded Connally had to be enchanted, or it was shot from an enchanted rifle. And since the U.S. government got hold of the weapon, they must have figured out what kind of magic or enchantment was casted on that rifle by now. Please release the information / spell / enchantment / technology for the good of mankind!

Imagine what this kind of technology could do?

- Heart patients. When one of the veins that feed the heart gets blocked, we send a tiny probe injected in blood and it finds its way to the blockage and clears it out!
- Airplane safety. No more collisions with another planes nor with buildings when airplanes can stop mid-air, linger there for a second or two, take dramatic, more than 90 decree turns and fly away from danger!
- Car safety & bullet proof vests & other protection. When the bullet that had broken collar bones, bones in wrist, ribs, etc. and it still was in pristine condition, it must have an armour we have never seen before. They have the bullet, just check what kind of material it was and how it was made virtually indestructible. We need that for our safety.
- Baseball, basketball, soccer, football. Imagine how interesting ballgames would get if we have course changing, levitating balls.
- Flying cars and interstellar space travel. When objects don't need to obey gravity nor inertia and are virtually indestructible regardless of the impacts it endures, we could easily use the same technology first to flying cars and maybe later for interstellar space travel. If not interstellar, at least interplanetary.
The list can go on and on!

Of course this technology could be used for bullets as well, to make super-snipers that can with average skills shoot several bullets faster than normally possible towards moving targets with little or no aiming hitting several targets with one bullet, but I don't think we need that kind of technology.

Another thing, in order to be able to run home, run to kill Tippit, change direction, run to the theatre faster than humanly possible without losing breath must indicate Oswald was using very efficient performance enhancers. U.S. government had the body, too. By now they must have figured out which chemicals was in the body and how to reproduce them in order to improve human performance.

Release the new technology already!

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