Monday, November 05, 2007

Metric Time

I noticed someone else have had the same idea!

Metric Time!

I'd support that. And this seems better than our idea when I was a teenager. Our idea was 100 hours in one day, 100 minutes in one hour, and 100 seconds in one minute. The rest normally, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This seems much better.

10 days a week. This would make a year 36,5 weeks long. Months can be re-divided also to 10 (36,5 days per month), and those occultists who want to keep the Zodiac thing, can still use the old astrology charts if they want. Earth-month and Zodiac-month separately, if you need to do some spells according to the old astrology charts.

Should we update to metric time, we could also remove the old British relic, daylight savings time. If more daylight is required psychologically for people, then we can just change the starting hour of work during winters. I'd remove the entire daylight-based opening times anyways. People move to cities from countryside. Cities are full. Fine. We can't all be out at the same time. I've been working graveyard shifts and have had studying and work at the same time... My time off might've been from 2am to 6am, then 6 hours sleep and to evening shift at work, which would've been my morning. In the city with all the streetlights, who needs defined shop opening times? If everyone wants to live in a city, wouldn't be more useful to disband the old day vs night thinking and use the whole day. 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep for everyone and 8 hours of free time*. (* - With the current time standard.) The "daytime" just depends when you work and when you have your sleeping time. This would generate more jobs for people and would ease up rush-hour. Large cities should do this.


Markus "Uku" Laitinen said...

Cool idea. :)

What about technology and that kind of costs, like calibrating and updating everything into new time system? Airports, trains etc.

Sami Rautiainen said...

You're correct with the cost thing. I think that would be the biggest obsticle. And one of the reasons why we never seriously have started any capaign when were were teenagers.