Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Do We Only Belive Experts?

I've been writing about common sense before. Why is common sense a privilege of only higher educates? We do not believe anything, unless the person who says it is an expert in this area. You see it in every possible news article where any professor or any other "expert" is stating the obvious.

For example a psychologist descended from her pedestal among us mortals and stated that the 7/11 Jokela-School Shooting survived victims, families and the pupils of the school may need their privacy to recover from the tragedy. Really? We couldn't believe the pupil who said he doesn't want to give a statement, but needs his privacy instead? He's only a kid. What does he know? We actually needed a professional psychologist to give her professional opinion that in great tragedy it might not be helpful to have a media gore-galore running the lives of the involved...

Experts say that in very low temperatures it is recommended to dress warm. Really? My mom said that when I was a kid, I figured it out myself, too, when I was out in winter without enough clothes on, but still I didn't believe it until I heard it from a medical expert.

Can we please try to use our brains every now and then? Yes, I do know hitting your thumb with a hammer hurts. I don't need an expert telling me this, and I do not need hammer-usage regulations either.

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